This Year's Farm Goods!

We have organically cultivated vegetables, herbs, and seedlings available May 15th through Oct 15th.  We farm with minimal tillage and mostly by hand, improving the quality of our soil as we go and growing delicious food! We have ethically raised poultry and meats available through most of the year, and the superior flavor of our meats reflects the care, diet, and quality of life our animals have access to. Check out our meat, veggies, herbs, eggs, and seedlings at our farm stand or at the Madison Farmer's Market!

Meat and Eggs for 2017!

Duck Eggs (white and extra large): $5 p/dozen, pick up at the farm or at the Madison Farmer's Market--November through July!

Goose Eggs! Available April through June, $1 each, 2 for $1.50.  They are huge!

Stew Ducks: All good things must come to an end, and so the time has come to retire our two year old laying ducks.  Come July 2017, we'll have whole stew ducks available, and possibly duck sausage.  Check back this summer at the farm or at the Madison Farmer's Market.

Grass Fed Goose: Our pasture raised geese are the wonderful grand finale of our farm, coming in at the close of the season--their meat is beefy and rich, but leaner than duck. We love having these birds for the holidays! These guys weigh in between 8 and 10 lbs and can feed 6 to 8 for a holiday supper. $7 p/lb.  We have a limited supply and these guys sell fast, so reserve yours early, at the farm or at the farmer's market. Available every December!

Home Grown Hog:  Sold Out! Check back spring 2018.

Ethically Raised Rabbits: $4 p/lb, available May through December.  We raise Californians and Silver Fox rabbits, keep checking back if you're interested in breeding stock.

We realize that the cost of producing eggs and meat animals on such a small scale makes retail pricing prohibitive for families without surplus income.  We believe that all people have the right to healthy, locally produced food, regardless of their economic status. While we cannot lower our production costs, we are open to work trade and bartering options, and believe in creating alternatives within the local economy. Please call or email if you are interested in our products and have ideas or proposals for economic alternatives.  We especially like trading for odd jobs, livestock, firewood, tools, and farm help, and are open to most reasonable proposals!