Our Animal Family

Our animals literally make the farm live and breathe! We are delighted to have such a diversified animal family, to help us with our land projects and for the sheer joy of watching their antics year after year! We pride ourselves on providing a high quality of life for both our meat animals and our year round residents

Waterfowl: We raise geese for spring eggs and for sale as holiday geese.  We maintain a flock of 9 or 10 adult geese every year, as a breeding flock, and we also breed Welsh Harlequin ducks for eggs.  Our birds are all raised on pasture, sometimes completely free range, sometimes as part of an intensive rotational grazing system, where they help us keep the pasture fertilized and free of parasites that may affect our larger animals.  Many of our birds make their own babies every year, and when they don't, we set incubators and hatch our own layer replacements.

Dairy Goats: We are delighted to be getting deeper and deeper in to the world of goatherding, and are the proud parents of a dairy mutt herd of Nubian, Alpine and Saanen mixed goats.  We had a tough kidding season this spring, but everyone pulled through and is doing great! We have cheese and yogurt available, May through October on the farm and at the Madison Farmer's Market. Our goats are well suited for the kind of browsing and land clearing we have to do here, and we find them delightful, challenging, and rewarding members of our farm team. Keep checking in for cute goat pics!

Meat Rabbits: We have been keeping rabbits since 2012, and have been experimenting with rabbit tractors and colony breeding.  Our bunnies live in colony rooms over the winter and move to pasture in their rabbit tractors for the summer.  We have built two large outdoor runs for them, jokingly called Bunnytopia, and built with the help of our toddler, who loves our rabbit friends.  We are proud to raise rabbits in a such a natural and ethical manner, where they enjoy the company of other rabbits, and have access to space to run, tunnel and eat greens all year long. We have 15 babies this spring, for pets or meat, ready to wean from mom mid June, and ready to eat mid July. Rabbit meat will be available for sale at the farm or at the Madison Farmer's Market.
Pot Bellied Pigs (aka Asian Heritage Hogs): We have raised several large hogs a year to sell as shares to family and friends, and while we love pigs and the delicious pork they produce, we don't love moving large hogs or trying to balance caring for our toddler while doing hog chores!  We had a good (though cold!) first farrowing season this March, and have sold out of piglets and have two new gilts for breeding stock. Unfortunately, we will not be offering pork for sale this year, but will be fall farrowing for feeder piglets to be ready in the spring, so check back in with us spring 2018, for piglets or pork. We have been pleased with the work these piggies do in our forests and gardens, their sweet and affectionate personalities, and think they make great homestead hogs and barnyard pets. Keep checking in for availability!