Veggies and Herbs

Veggies: We are more like large scale gardeners than small scale veggie producers.  Gardening is a craft, an expression of creativity and beauty, as well as a means to an end.  We will only have an acre in cultivation this year, divided up into several large gardens, all cultivated using organic methods and natural mulches.  We use animals to open up land and fertilize the soil, as well as to clean up at the end of the year, greatly reducing our need for tillage or inputs.  Many of our veggies are heirloom varieties and all of them are delicious!
Herbs: We have an extensive knowledge of plants as medicine here at our farm, and are putting in medicinal herbs in our perennial garden each year.  We occasionally offer informal herb walks and spend a great deal of time, particularly in July and October, making herbal teas, tinctures and salves. We usually have extra medicinal herb seedlings in May and June, so check in at the market or our farm stand for availability.