Volunteer Opportunties!

We have several volunteer/work trade positions available on our farm.  We normally ask for 2-4 days of work per week in exchange for room and board.  Number of hours of volunteer work that we ask are dependent on the accommodations available here, which range from a cozy private room in our old fashioned New England cape style house, to our amazing house bus, or to camping out in the beautiful forest.  Volunteer live-ins also have unabashed acccess to delicious farm food! We also love to trade CSA shares for chores.

We have housing and volunteer opportunities year round; projects we need support on are as follows, depending on the time of year:

Jan: Animal husbandry (all year), forestry work, firewood (all year), grain and hay runs, building projects.

Feb: Seed orders and crop planning, indoor plant starts, tool repair, preparing for kidding, farrowing, and hatching seasons.  Breeding rabbits (Feb. through Sept.)

March: Seed starting, farrowing, promotional materials for markets, orchard pruning.

April: Kidding season, more and more plant starts, spring garden clean-up, prepping and moving into the greenhouse, some outdoor planting, medicinal root harvests, pruning and mulching perennials and berries.

May: Farmer's Markets (May through Oct), more kidding and farrowing, baby bunnies, getting fences back online and moving animals onto pasture, primary tilling, more outdoor spring planting and transplanting, getting pasture water systems up and running. Some wild foraging of medicinal herbs. Also, making cheese (May through Oct), yum!

June: Holy *#@!, so much outdoor planting! Mowing fence lines, transplanting, more cheese, more seeding, last of spring tilling and greenhouse season, the beginning of raspberry season, picking and processing medicinal herbs, end of spring breeding season and admiring the fireflies after sunset!

July: Berries of all kinds means berry picking and processing, veggie harvest, fencing maintenance, harvesting and processing of medicinal herbs, weeding and watering, weeding and watering, weeding and watering......

August: Harvest, harvest, harvest! Lots more berries and veggies, end of aerial medicinal herb harvests, beginning of animal processing season, more fence maintenance.

Sept: More and more veggie harvest, end of berry season, beginning of goat breeding season, fence maintenance, end of mowing and weeding, food preservation.

Oct: End of veggie harvests, medicinal root harvest, food preservation, root cellar prep, goat breeding, animal processing.

Nov: Electric fences down and put away til spring, animal processing, garden clean-up, end of goat breeding season, beginning of pig breeding season, dismantling summer watering systems, and prepping barn to receive animals for winter.

Dec: End of pig breeding season, all animals back into the barn, all firewood under cover, last of animal processing, and enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Barn Restoration Project

We are the proud new stewards of a beautiful timber frame barn, build in 1896.  The barn still has many of it's original features for storing loose hay, and the records of heifers born in the 1930's inscribed on the dairy wing walls.  It is the heart of our farm, the center of our chores and home to our menagerie.  Doing chores in this barn every morning is like attending church, and it's easy to imagine oneself in another time, gazing up at the huge gambrel ceiling, smelling the hay, and hearing the maa-ing of goats with a milk bucket in your hand.

This barn also has a huge hole the size of a hatchback in it's northwest corner, and while she's still holding strong, we don't have much time to keep her that way, nor the resources to feed this barn the $8000 (at least) it needs to keep it standing for another 125 years.  We are currently researching grant options to help with repairs and are prepping to launch an internet fundraising campaign, as well as planning our yearly barn show to help raise funds. If you are interested in helping to save this amazing barn, please get in touch with us, and keep checking the website for details about our summer barn show.