This Year's Farm Goods!

VEGGIES! We have organically cultivated vegetables, herbs, and seedlings available May 15th through Oct 15th.  We farm with minimal tillage and mostly by hand, improving our soil as we go and growing delicious food! We are more like large scale gardeners than small scale veggie producers.  Gardening is a craft, an expression of creativity and beauty, as well as a means to an end.  We will have an acre and a half in cultivation this year, divided up into several large gardens, all cultivated using organic methods and natural mulches.  We use animals to open up land and fertilize the soil, as well as to clean up at the end of the year, greatly reducing our need for tillage or inputs.  Many of our veggies are heirloom varieties and all of them are delicious! Come and get 'em direct from the farm or catch us at the Madison Farmer's Market!

MILK and MEAT!  We have delicious goat and cow cheeses and yogurts available direct from the farm or at the Madison Farmer's Market May through October, and have rabbit, goose and goat meat available through our herdshare program direct from the farm. 

HERBS! We have an extensive knowledge of plants as medicine here at our farm, and are putting in medicinal herbs in our perennial garden each year.  We occasionally offer informal herb walks and spend a great deal of time, particularly in July and October, making herbal teas, tinctures and salves. We usually have extra medicinal herb seedlings in May and June, so check in at the market or our farm stand for availability. 

EGGS! Chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, you name it, it will be raining eggs on Hide and Go Peep Farm from now until the fall! All of our birds are free range, so they can live the best lives for them and lay the yummiest eggs for you!

We realize that the cost of producing eggs and meat animals on such a small scale makes retail pricing prohibitive for families without surplus income.  We believe that all people have the right to healthy, locally produced food, regardless of their economic status. While we cannot lower our production costs, we are open to work trade and bartering options, and believe in creating alternatives within the local economy. Please call or email if you are interested in our products and have ideas or proposals for economic alternatives.  We especially like trading for odd jobs, livestock, firewood, tools, and farm help, and are open to most reasonable proposals!