Our Animal Family

Our animals literally make the farm live and breathe! We are delighted to have such a diversified animal family, to help us with our land projects and for the sheer joy of watching their antics year after year! We pride ourselves on providing a high quality of life for both our meat animals and our year round residents

Poultry: This is the year of the chicken! We have downscaled our fabulous waterfowl this year, in favor of a brand spanking new flock of lovely hens.  And, yes, they are laying by the dozens! Come get your eggs straight from the farm or catch us at the Madison Farmer's Market.  Our birds are all raised on pasture, sometimes completely free range, sometimes as part of an intensive rotational grazing system, where they help us keep the pasture fertilized and free of parasites that may affect our larger animals.  We still have a few family geese here, so if you're interested in goose eggs or a holiday goose roast (yum!) be sure to get in touch.

Dairy Goats: Ahhh, yes, knee deep in goats. We are delighted to be getting deeper and deeper in to the world of goatherding, and are the proud parents of a dairy mutt herd of Nubian, Alpine and Saanen mixed goats.  Our first doe kidded just a few days ago, and threw twin does! Can you believe it? We have delicious goat cheese and milk available May through October on the farm and at the Madison Farmer's Market. Our goats are well suited for the kind of browsing and land clearing we have to do here, and we find them delightful, challenging, and rewarding members of our farm team. Keep checking in for cute goat pics!

We are now owned by our newest and largest best friend, Bessie the Jersey cow! No, we are not enamoured by abject stereotypes, she came with that name.  We purchased this lovely lady from our beloved neighbor, who literally just walked Bessie from his barn to mine, crossing East Madison Rd in the process!  We will be using her milk to make delicious Jersey milk yogurt to sell at the Madison Farmer's Market this year, and may have extra milk to sell from the farm as supplies allow. Did we mention that we love cows? Especially this one?

Meat Rabbits: We have been keeping rabbits since 2012, and have been experimenting with rabbit tractors and colony breeding.  Our bunnies live in colony rooms over the winter and move to pasture in their rabbit tractors for the summer.  We have built two large outdoor runs for them, jokingly called Bunnytopia, with the help of our four year old, who loves our rabbit friends.  We are proud to raise rabbits in a such a natural and ethical manner, where they enjoy the company of other rabbits, and have access to space to run, tunnel and eat greens all year long. Our farm did a presentation on colony raising bunnies at the Common Ground Fair last fall that was very well attended. Rabbits, live or dressed, are available by pre-order direct from the farm